Available Now! Fake Coral and Keys

That’s right! Book two in the Fake Series is out now!

1662235219It’s finally time for another Gathering.
A five day trip to the Keys?
Family packed and ready to go?
Fake boyfriend?
Daisy has waited five months to see Blake again, and each day proved to be harder than the last. Finally, she gets to see him, but then all her plans get trampled when her worst enemy shows up, determined to ruin her vacation.

When Blake agrees to join Daisy for another Conner Gathering, he envisions five blissful days of rest and relaxation in the Keys. What he doesn’t expect is the unpleasant presence of a person from Daisy’s past. All Blake wanted was to spend time getting to know Daisy in the hopes of winning her over, but soon his own past comes to haunt him. Can he outrun his own demons and win the girl?
Maybe not.

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