Available Now-Fake Hearts and Kisses

What are you getting for Valentine’s Day?

Daisy Conner has a new boyfriend.

Only problem?

He’s a complete stranger.

Daisy Conner has a new boyfriend just in time for her families vacation.
He’s sexy, confident, smart, and everything a woman would want.
She has only one problem.
He’s not really her boyfriend.
Blake Ryder volunteered to go with Daisy to a remote mountain lodge to spend Valentine’s Day. He agreed to pose as her boyfriend, no strings attached.
What Daisy doesn’t know, can’t hurt her, right? Except Blake has been watching her for weeks, itching to get close to her. He will do anything to spend a weekend with her, even if it means he has to lie. The second Blake reveals his true intentions, Daisy finds she can’t resist him.


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