Let me apologize in advance…

Writing this post is painful. I have given you fabulous readers nothing but bad news lately, and I’m about to hand over some more…


Two weeks ago, I was being a responsible adult (true story) and making important phone calls. After I finalized my last one, I hit END CALL like any other person would. But here’s where things went south…

As I was hitting END CALL, my phone somersaulted (seriously, I’ve no clue how this happened) out of my hand and fell to the ground.

The scene was out of a horror movie. Everything in slow motion. I could feel my S6 slipping from my grasp, but by the time the fact I’d lost hold registered in my overwhelmed brain, I was watching as it careened to the floor, hitting the ground with a solid thwack. Face-down.


It’s not like I was doing too many things at once… holding my phone, ending the call, trying to write an important date on the calendar, juggling a notepad, pen, and mail, and semi-hollering at my cat for intertwining himself around my ankles or anything…

No, I was adulting. Bad stuff isn’t supposed to happen when we adult!tenor
For a millisecond, I held out hope.


I may have groaned a little. I vaguely remember spewing a few profanities (I did. I curse like a sailor) and gasping for air. How many times had I dropped the phone on its face, side, corner, or back, thinking for sure it was the end? Like a dozen plus twenty-two.

You can guess the outcome here. No Schrödinger’s cat with this story.

That f#cker was dead.


After panicking, I took it to my phone people and I kid you not, this is what happened.

Phone guy looked at my phone, hit buttons, asked me what happened (“It just stopped working”, I said innocently), and then held my ENTIRE LIFE IN A LITTLE BOX up to his co-worker and asked, “Do you know any tricks to get a phone back on after it has the Screen of Death?”

Second phone guy shook with head and with a grim expression said, “Nah, Dude. It’s a goner.”

My heart stopped. THE SCREEN OF DEATH.


Now here’s the bad news…

For the last twenty months, writing has been extremely difficult. If you read my short post about the events in my life, you’ll understand why. In short, writing anything on my laptop seemed too daunting a task. So, what did I do?

You guessed it. I wrote short snippets, entire paragraphs that turned into almost chapters on a notes program on my phone. I jotted down thoughts, story ideas, character conversations, you NAME IT and it was on my phone. No biggie, right?

Except it was a HUGE deal.

At some point shortly after I got my wonderful and hardy new phone, it became un-synced. In short, I stupidly didn’t have it auto-backed-up.

Yes. I f#cking lost everything.

And when I say everything, I mean, a good first quarter to a book that I’ve been semi-working on, parts of In the Shadow of Demons, plot ideas, character development for both the Guardian Series and the Playhouse Series. Pictures of my life and other pieces of much needed info was lost that day.



And, there it is. The bad news. I’d love to be able to give you something like, “but don’t worry, the book is almost done!”, but I can’t, and for that I’m sorry.

While those words may be gone to the ether’s, the ideas are still there. It’s just going to take me a bit to get it all back, and I hope beyond all hope that you’ll stick with me while I do.



Happy Reading and Best Wishes!

Fanny Lee

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