The Problem with Facebook – Disabled Accounts and Pen Names

It finally happened. The Facebook Identity Police found me and shut my profile down. Yep, I was disabled for a “fake name” account. At least I think this is what happened. I’m taking a wild guess, though I have a feeling I’m not too far from the truth.

It’s a bit baffling considering I’ve never had Facebook contact me for any rules violations. I’ve never been banned from “liking”, banned from posting, banned from anything…

Except, now I’m banned from posting anything for my readers and fellow indie authors to see.

How have I avoided the Facebook ban? Not sure, I’m not that active, which I’m guessing plays a part. 

Over the last few years, I’ve watched several indie authors get shut down over the years thanks to Facebooks fake name policy. The fact many people have accounts where they are not using their real names is a mute point. When Facebook finds you and wants proof of your name, there is nothing you can do but provide them with “evidence” you are who you write in that little box upon sign-up.

So, despite attempts to reinstate my profile, I’m still disabled and doing my best to fork over some proof that I am in fact, Ms. Savage.

Until then, my page will be inactive being my only access to post is via my author account. 

Hopefully, I’ll be back up soon.

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