kindle-hd-AngelsIn the Shadow of Angels: The Guardian Series Book 1


“The historical facts add a note of realism to a paranormal supernatural book with unusual twists and turns of plot.”

“Unpredictable and enthralling – you will cling to every word until the very end.”

“So many twists and turns. I laughed, became angry, cried, and just really felt I knew each character.”

How far would you go to keep a secret?

In her debut novel In the Shadow of Angels, Fanny Lee Savage weaves together a riveting story of forbidden love, danger and deceit, with the perfect combination of chick lit and high fantasy. This unforgettable tale follows Charlotte Duval, whose life is altered forever one fateful night, leaving her willing to do anything to keep an awful secret… 

One hot summer day, only weeks before her thirtieth birthday, Charlotte’s quiet life is interrupted when her past shows up on her door step, forcing her to face her worst nightmares. She spent five years in hiding, working hard to forget lies that tore her family apart.
Suddenly, Charlotte finds herself swept away to an ominous chateau in France by the one person she tried to forget. Henri, her first love, has been doing research that has brought about unwanted attention, leaving Charlotte in danger and with more questions than answers. She is forced to wait, living with the chateau’s residents, while the mystery of Henri’s research unfolds around her.
Charlotte soon finds her hosts know more about her past than she’d like and carry secrets of their own. Aydin, the power behind security that has been assigned to Charlotte, is a quiet and menacing force, one she discovers she can’t stop thinking of, leaving her budding romance with Henri in jeopardy.
While in France, Charlotte discovers a dark world she never knew existed. A world shrouded in shadow, threatening to consume her.


kindle-hd-Monsters CoverIn the Shadow of Monsters: The Guardian Series Book 2

“Oh, the Suspense!!!!”

“Exciting sequel to In the Shadow of Angels!”


“In every fairytale, there is always a darker side…
A Prince Charming who stole hearts and shattered dreams. There was even a beast who stalked the twin girls and plagued their dreams. He protected them, cared for them, an unknown force, who all the while was planning their rescue from the evil that lay hidden. He was fierce. He was strong. Devoted. Willing to sacrifice himself to keep the promise he had made.
And he did…”

While in France, Charlotte discovers a dark world where ancient vampires rule and humans are used for their pleasure. Where Guardians protect the innocent and Keepers record family bloodlines. An Organization sits at the root of it all, a group of the undead, who work behind the scenes, trying to control the Earth. She must come to terms with the new world she has been thrown into, and learn to cope with the lies and secrecy her family created.

Chased by an ancient vampire, Charlotte barely escaped the walls of the chateau with her life, and finds herself in a new prison, awaiting her freedom. Ludari, a sick evil, believes Charlotte is the descendant of
powerful beings and holds the key to unlock the truth behind the creation of vampires.

Charlotte has formed an unlikely alliance with
Aydin Thanos, and the two must learn to survive with the new bond they share.



20 thoughts on “THE GUARDIAN SERIES”

  1. Can you please give us a month when book 3 of the guardian series will be out plz as couldn’t put the two books down thanks x


  2. Hoping book 3 will be ready to read soon as im desprate to find out what happens . Loving both your series and cant wait for both books.


  3. I was wondering if you had a release date for the third book in the guardian series yet? I know you said that you hoped for late summer months ago. Hoping you had a better idea of when it might be now… Because I can’t wait to read it as soon as possible ;)!


  4. Do you have an update on a date for the 3rd book? Just finished the first two and thought they were fantastic!!! Can’t wait for the next!!


  5. I know book 3 is in the works just wondering if there is an email list (or something) we can sign up to get the book once it’s released? Don’t want to miss it when it comes out.


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