I’m here, alive and well…

No, I’ve not abandoned you!

It must feel as though I have, after leaving you wonderful readers with one of the worst cliffhangers, like ever. But, I swear I’m here, and yes, I’m writing, albeit slowly.


Life has been interesting in the Savage household…

If I had the smarts and realized I’d not backed up my previous blog posts, you would already know that the powers-that-be threw a mighty curve-ball, hitting me square in the head, and I’m still recovering…

Back on the subject of books…

In the shadow of Demons is currently in the works. I’ve decided to put the third (and last) book on Jess and Liam on hold for now and focus solely on The Guardian Series. Don’t fret Playhouse fans, this is just for now since the Guardian series is much more popular with you all (do I detect a hint of a southern accent, Ms. Savage?). With that said, I want to dedicate all my free time to telling this part of the story as best I can.

While I won’t commit at this time to a set release date for book 3, I will as soon as I pump out all the words and have it in the final stage of edits.

I know, I know, not what you want to hear…


Whatcha got cookin?

If you have finished any of my books and flipped to the last page of your kindle, you’ll see a hint of a few things to come… Like, for instance, a little tease on the subject of one of my most favorite Guardian Series characters. HINT: He’s got the face of an angel and the body of a god…


Also, it’s hard to ignore my erotica series, centering around the mysterious Madam Jolie and the sexy men of F.E.A.R. Enterprises. While Jess’s story is unfinished, there are other players inside Jolie’s Playhouse who have their own salacious tales to tell… uh hum, Evren anyone?

In case you don’t already know, thank you for all your support and for reading! Updates will come every so often and you can track my progress (or just contact me and remind me I should be writing instead of sitting on Facebook), on Facebook, of course!

Like my fan page and/or friend request me! Oh, and I finally got my sh*t together and have a newsletter! Go sign up, and you can receive an ARC for upcoming books!

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