Welcome to Madam Jolie's

Jessica Caughlin has  landed the job of a lifetime. She has worked her entire life to bring  herself out of the underbelly of Miami's unseen drug pushers and pimps.  At F.E.A.R. Enterprises, she meets the wealthy and handsome Liam Firth,  the Architectural powerhouse behind F.E.A.R. and who will soon be her  boss.

Jessica's plans come undone when she finds she is expected  to pay a debt to protect her family and save her life. She has exactly  seven days to come up with thousands of dollars before the drug lords of  Miami come to collect. Desperate and scared she finds herself, in a  twist of fate, on the doorstep of Madam Jolie's, a private BDSM club...


Welcome to Madam Jolie's

 Jessica's plans for a better life are put on hold while she settles her  mother's debt. She’s forced to work in the private club catering to  those with specific tastes. With the help of her Dom, Jess hopes to  uncover the mobs connection to Madam Jolie, but instead uncovers  something far more sinister.

"Four days left before I have to  come up with sixty-thousand dollars to save my skin and the sorry behind  of my mother. Four days until I’m auctioned off to the Top Four Doms  of Madam Jolie’s Playhouse. I pray to whatever beings who watch over us  frail earthlings that I'm worth enough to rake in the amount of money I  need. While I’m at it, let me pray I can learn to be submissive in the  next four days."